Scottsdale Marijuana Doctor
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Our rates start at $150 and offer weekday visits by appointments only.

Scottsdale AZ Marijuana Doctor

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Scottsdale AZ Marijuana Doctor

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Scottsdale AZ Marijuana Doctor

LOW Prices! - $150*
*Prices start as low as $150.
Our Scottsdale Marijuana Doctor Clinics can help you receive marijuana certifications subject to AZ laws only. Being the top Medical Marijuana Doctor in Scottsdale, Green Cross can help you start becoming a legal Arizona Marijuana Card and/or License Holder. There are many choices in finding a successful Marijuana Doctor in Scottsdale and we look forward top serving you.

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"It was a joy visiting with Green Cross in Scottsdale. They offered me service, friendliness and made me feel valued as a patient. Thanks. "
Scottsdale AZ Marijuana Doctor
James Burgess
Arizona MMJ Card Holder
(Scottsdale, AZ)
A Scottsdale Marijuana Doctor is at Scottsdale Green Cross, where qualified patients can obtain the physician’s certification required to apply for the State of Arizona's Medical Marijuana program. We are a professional MMJ Clinic with fully licensed physicians and Medical Marijuana Specialists here to serve you. We will always respect your rights and privacy while maintaining the highest ethical standards in serving our patients. After meeting with our Doctors, patients who qualify for Arizona's Medical Marijuana Program will receive a signed State Doctors Recommendation Form and instructions on how to complete the application process.